Camlad Barns “The Wedding.”

Saturday 14th August 2021

The day started bright and early for the “ ladies” with a 7 am meeting for whatever ritual takes place with regard to hair dressers and make up artists, Michelle informed that the make up lady did work for the theatre and wasn’t amused when I replied “ had she made them all up as panto artists.”

I’m pleased to say that our small group of gents enjoyed a lie in and eventually freshly cooked bacon baps, very necessary to sustain us for the day ahead.

The time soon came around for me to join the ladies in the cottage and I proudly walked down with the bride our daughter Stephanie. Michelle and I jointly read a poem as part of the service and the ceremony seemed to pass by quite quickly.

Steph and Will.
Now husband and wife.

The afternoon proceeded with a delightful afternoon tea, the wedding was designed not to be too formal and Will made the only speech of the day.

Following a lull to allow us to draw breath and for the evening guests to arrive the proceedings continued with a disco and mobile pizza oven that served a great range of pizzas to keep us going throughout the evening. I took a few photos that I will add here.

Well that’s the second daughter married only one to go( over to you Zac, no pressure😊.)

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