A Day Off

It’s the last but one day before we head off home so we decided to reward ourselves with a day off from working.

So after some discussion we decided to head to one of our favourite places in the region, Aubeterre.

We usually make at least one visit there each year, we enjoy it’s scenery, wandering the streets, noticing the changes since we were there last and of course Michelle likes to wonder in and out of the shops. We arrived after 11am to everything a chance to warm up but alas the shops weren’t open, I was devastated. Strangely my favourite shop the pottery was open and Xavier the potter greeted us as always like old friends.
So to overcome the depression we both felt we decided after a walk around the narrow streets to treat ourselves to lunch in the square, Matt won’t be surprised to know I opted for a cheese omelette and Michelle had a french style galette, filled with cheese. After lunch we continued with our walk on the upper levels of the town.This was followed by a lazy afternoon back home and this evening we are off toBeaupoyet for the monthly fish and chip night, we know how to live the good life.

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