Brushes are us.

Today we carried on from yesterday’s work, whilst Michelle was varnishing some wood in the house I rendered the top of the wall and one of the block pillars leading to the verandah.

Then after lunch I mixed together some left over Dulux county cream, Crown lemon and Wickes’s Sandstone so we could start painting the wall.

Not sure what you could describe the colour as, but it’s fine for a base coat. We worked as a well oiled team, I did the top half and Michelle the bottom( no sizest jokes) she is really becoming proficient at the painting and I’m contemplating promoting her from a half inch brush to a one inch brush next time we paint.The paint ran out halfway down the building but I’m sure if I describe it adequately Band Q will be able to mix me some more.
Our reward was a nice cold beer

One Reply to “Brushes are us.”

  1. Ahh, when David started this blog, I was unaware that I would feature so heavily in the photos. At least they show me working: in fact, I’m hoping to be promoted to GENERAL dogsbody! I especially hanker for the general bit!
    We have now started to get to grips with the “final frontier”, the back of the house that will over time become as tamed as the rest of place. Anyway thats the plan . Now to drink my coffee and continue basking in the beautiful french sunshine! Mmmmm bliss.


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