Last Day

Sadly today is our last day here at the ranch before tomorrow’s journey home, it has been another glorious day with the temperature in the 20s.

This morning we went shopping in the market in Ste Foy La Grande, an excellent market that wends its way around a few streets. It’s an attractive historic town on the banks of the Dordogne, originally being a trading port for boats coming up river from Bordeaux and downriver from Bergerac.No visit to this market is complete unless we visit the book and DVD stall owned and run by an English woman originally from Norton Canes, amazingly in discussion whilst talking to her we found out that she and Michelle had been at Norton Canes Comprehensive at the same time, small world!

Below is the selection of goodies we splashed our cash on today, note the anti grey squirrel scarer for use in the UK. On the way back from Ste Foy we called in at our vineyard at Fleix and got in supplies for the uk to last us until we return in the summer. It turns out that over the past year I’ve banked enough commission rewards to have a free bottle of wine, I’ve banked it until August.

Peter and Alison had a spare gazebo frame that they had acquired from Gwen, they had already used one so I now have the other.
Since our huge willow tree died and the ash tree had a severe lopping there is very little shade under which to park the car in the extreme hot weather, I’m trying to grow Wisteria over our parking area but it needs lots of support so the gazebo frame was just the job. So this afternoons job was to put it together and put it in place.We are now in the throes of packing the car and tidying up before we sit in the last of the sunshine with a glass of wine enjoying the last evening of our rural idyl.

Soon we will be back in grey England but at least we will have our tans and good memories to keep us going until next time!

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