Weem um. (we are home)

Woke up this morning to grey skies and rain, what’s happening?

Got home about 1 am this morning after a 580 mile journey which went reasonably well, Sundays are a good day to travel in France, it been a great break.

Certainly notice the increase in the amount of road traffic now I’m back in urban living compared to rural life.

We currently spend approx 20% of the year living the rural life, its very enjoyable and great contrast to every day life here, we’re lucky that we have most facilities within 3km of the ranch so not too rural. There are pros and cons; cons are there’s very little entertainment within reach to take advantage of and for some activities fluent French would be necessary, we haven’t access to TV channels and this probably would be a necessity if we are to spend more time there, currently we read a lot and rely on the internet. The pros are finding yourself in tune with the seasons, being surrounded with wildlife, many different insects, butterflies etc all of which are fascinating.

However occasionally the still, quiet, placid airs of the countryside are shattered by the piercing screams of the head gardener, this can mean one of two things, firstly she has impaled herself on one of her thorny plants, known as Spike or Ouch, if that’s the case the scream is followed by a mild expletive. The other screams are caused by the sudden appearance of one of our two hissing Sids that live in the concrete culvert under one of our favourite patios, once emerged they usually head off towards the Head Gardeners main large garden where she entertains herself for hours deep in its undergrowth muttering away to herself.

She demanded action, so I complied!What am I supposed to do with this was the reply upon receiving my gift, she wasn’t all to impressed when I said shake it it makes a rattle and frightens snakes away (actually you sprinkle the granules around the area where they are, it’s quite harmless and just deters them) she demanded protection whilst gardening and as I’m always eager to please I equipped myself accordingly and trained for hours.Strangely we didn’t see them again, they must have been impressed by my prowess!

Do the pros out way the cons, I think so, there’s always something new to marvel at, and it’s wonderful to slow down the pace of life and actually feel as though you have charge in your battery.

So until next time   tara a bit.

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