Tomorrow is our trial run, with three nights booked in Shropshire, so today has been a day of preparation for the event.

There was the need to buy in supplies , well you never know, it may snow and we are one and a half miles from the nearest supermarket, a Tesco.

There was the reading and re reading of the manual to remind us how everything functions, it has been 5 weeks since we had the 15 minute intensive demonstration on how everything worked, backed up with the, don’t worry if you forget, it’s in the manual, such wise words, thankfully there was an English version as well as the German. 

So the water tank is partially full, not too full, remember the weight, if too full the there would have to be a drastic reduction in the clothing/shoe allowance! It is hooked up to the mains here at base camp to ensure all batteries are charged and to check everything is working, the fridge is cooling in readiness for the cheese, oh and beer. We have the camp chairs ready so we may sit outside and take full advantage of the sunny warm weather, thick fleeces are packed as back up. So what could we have forgotten? Don’t know but I expect we will find out within 5 minutes of getting there.

Finally the Chief Navigator is set up with everything we need for the 90 minute journey, leaving nothing to chance.So it’s large book in case we get lost, red book in case we go somewhere else, Sat Nav because she likes the mans voice, binoculars to spot the road signs and a National Trust handbook to make us look cultured when people peer in through the window.

What’s the betting I will wake up in the middle of the night and remember something important and not be able to get back off to sleep!

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