Weem off, tara a bit 1.  ( we are off, see you later)


52degrees 54’6N. 2 degrees54’57 W

Well the day has arrived for us to make our first journey in the Hymer, it’s been a long wait but I’m sure it will be worth it.

It’s been 4 years since we sold the Mazda Bongo along with its drive away awning. We did many splendid journeys in that, visiting amongst other places, Derbyshire, Dorset, East Anglia, Lake District, Scotland and the length of France down to the Med. It was a little cramped, lacked a few facilities ( no bathroom) but gave us a freedom.

We left home at 1.30 pm and arrived at 3.15 pm with a stop to refuel, covering a distance of 60 miles, we didn’t rush and there was a lot of traffic, a combination of Friday afternoon and Bank holiday weekend. It was good to see the habit of the friendly wave continues, we exchanged several on the way here.

We spent a part of the journey in convoy with some old Lambretta scooters laden with camping gear, it bought back fond memories of 50 years ago, when over a few years my friend Phil and I did the same thing on many occasions. During the Summer it was a regular event and we usually headed to Newquay in Wales where we had just as good a social life as back home. Of course we eventually up graded to cars and continued camping for many years, including some caravanning towards the end. Happy days.

The Chief navigator experienced some difficulty on the way, not her fault I hasten to add. The battery on the Sat Nav died after a few minutes use, and of course the map books were packed away. However after 20 mins of charge it leapt back into life. She set to with gusto to set our course, there seemed to be technical difficulties, but give her her due she’s not a quitter, and she set to the task with dogged determination. Eventually success, it burst into life with the statement ” you have arrived at your destination on the left!” It’s a good job I hadn’t forgotten my boy scout training and achieving a tracker badge, knowing that moss grows on the north side of trees, that they grow away from the prevailing wind etc helped me to drive to our destination. It also helped that I’ve been to Ellesmere before.

It’s a lovely quiet site, we have a view over a field of sheep and their lambs and there are hills in the distance. We are a short walk to Ellesmere and we will head there tomorrow.

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