Ellesmere Day 2

I had a good nights sleep, but the partner complained I snored like a trooper all night and kept her awake, I’m sure it was the lambs outside bleating.

We had an issue last night with the water, basically non came out of the tap, the tank had been filled and we could hear the pump whirring, we were too tired to mess at that point and had enough water for coffee etc so we left well alone. This morning whilst Michelle had a shower I uncovered the tank and unscrewed the access hatch, the tank was completely empty! the pump whirred ok when I turned on the tap and blowing down the pipes proved there was no blockage. I refilled the tank and after a peruse of the manual came to the conclusion that the automatic frost valve on the heating boiler had activated, we have had some cold nights this week, upon inspection the valve was open, a quick press of the button and all was ok and we now have hot and cold running water, a new skill learned.

After all that excitement and a second coffee we set off to walk to Ellesmere, firstly across the farmers field and then along the road into town, approx 20 minute walk.We walked around the town in and out of shops and bought a few extra items for the Hymer, some hose pipe tap fittings, a new flat hose, velcro for the curtains and a toothbrush holder. 

We had lunch in a cafe, baguette for me and Welsh rarebit for Michelle, suitably refreshed we continued with our shopping.

We had arranged to meet daughter Steph and partner Will at Tesco’s on the edge of town which sits next to the Shropshire Union canal, 

When they arrived they hadn’t eaten so it was a trip to a different cafe for them to have lunch, plus a coffee and slice of cake for me.
Will drove us back to the campsite where they spent a few hours with us, including tea and doughnuts, plus Steph polished off a bowl of grapes.

Evening meal was a rather hot curry followed by another episode of Peter Kay’s Car Share, viewed on the ipad.

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