Thursday June14th 2018.

We are parked up on an aire on a farm approx 30k from Calais, this makes it easy striking distance to get the eurotrain tomorrow morning. We drove 182 miles to get here today using autoroute and dual carriageways and apart from travelling around Rouen which is always a nightmare we made good time.

On the route up we were amazed to see more and more high end sports cars travelling south, Ferraris, Porches, Lamborghinis, Bentleys etc hundreds went past us there were also motorhomes and specialist vans and then on some we saw “Le Mans- 24 Hour” and the penny dropped. Millions of pounds worth of cars were on the road. Below are just a few that were at the services.

The aire we are parked on tonight is different to others we have used, it’s more like a camp site, just no toilet/ shower block. It has wonderful walks ideal for Layla, a mini golf course etc. It is well laid out with both grass and hard standing pitches, with electricity it is 10 euros for the night, there is a honesty box for you to put your money in should no one come collect.

One hundred metres from the entrance to the site in the middle of the countryside is a is a micro brewery, well who could resist? We had a wander in and I tasted it’s products, only polite after all, then you have a dilemma which to buy, I solved the problem by buying one of each and a cheese to go with them, should be a good evening.

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