Eurotunnel 10 Motorway 0

Friday 15th June 2018

It was only a 15 mile ride to the eurotunnel terminal and was well signposted from the village close to last nights aire.

It’s a well organised tidy smart place, efficiency is the word that comes to mind from both the computerised systems and the staff. As we pulled in the number plate recognition system called up our names, noted we were early and offered us an earlier train which we accepted. Booking in Layla and having her pets passport checked was a simple and easy process, we had 40 mins to wait so whilst Michelle took Layla for a walk I purchased us Costa coffee and picked up a 3 litre box of wine for our forthcoming family gathering.

We quickly drove onto the train and after a 25 minute journey emerged into a warm sunny English summers day.

Then the misery started, the further we travelled the heavier the traffic and the slower we moved, the M25 is the pits and the M40 wasn’t much better. On the M25 it kept saying variable speed limits, they were STOP, START and CRAWL along, I lost count of the amount of times we stopped completely, it took over an hour longer than the sat nav predicted time. It was such a contrast from the past two weeks motoring.

In total over the past 16 days we travelled 2,187 miles.

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