High Onn – Camping and Motorhome Club Site

Thursday 28th June 2018

We have a two day pocket with no commitments so we have headed north from home to an area west of Stafford. We had a nightmare journey seeings how we only needed to travel approx 30 miles, firstly every traffic light through and beyond Wolverhampton was on red, there were roadworks and the local black taxis were out on protest driving around in long cavalcades beeping their horns. I’ve no idea what they were protesting about!

As we neared the site not following the Sat Nav as per the site instructions our turn off on the A5 was thwarted by a no entry roadworks ahead sign, we continued on for several miles before the next turn off appeared. We headed towards the site and approx a mile before we got there there were more road works and a diversion taking us away from the site, 3 miles later having driven along roads just wide enough to squeeze along we arrived at the other side of the roadworks and still couldn’t get to the site.

We consulted the sat nav, google maps and an ordinance survey map and more by luck than judgement eventually stumbled across the site, nowhere had there been any signs to help, we arrived two hours after leaving home to cover the 30 miles, At least the site is pleasant, quiet, well maintained and the staff are very pleasant and welcoming.

We have spent the afternoon relaxing moving from sun to shade on a very hot day, following the evening meal we listened on the radio (for some reason the tv has stopped working) to the England Belgium match which England duly lost 1-0. Now having a glass of red to console myself watching the sun gradually set over the fields.

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