Familiar Road!

August 3rd 2018.

We had a rather hot and uncomfortable night last night with the temperature not dropping below 25 degrees, sleep was difficult with Layla panting and sounding like a steam train for the first part of the night.

We left at 8am in the hope of having some cool driving time, that lasted about 30 minutes! After about 15 miles we found ourselves on a road we had travelled North on 8 weeks ago on our way back to the Uk so it was all very familiar if in reverse.

We travelled through Le Blanc ( no we didn’t see Matt Le Blanc from Friends), St Junien where we stopped and I popped into a brand new Lidl and purchased at long last the missing salad items plus a few other essentials. We went through Rochechouart that I wrote about in a blog last August which is the site where a meteorite hit the area, then on through Riberac and into our destination Montpon.

It was so hot the sun was burning us through the windows and for virtually the whole journey the temperature was at 37 degrees. It’s now 7.pm and it hasn’t cooled at all, I’ve mowed the front lawn and we’ve unpacked some essentials from Homer but the rest can wait until the cool of tomorrow morning. We are now looking forward to a shower and an ice cold drink.

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