Tournon St Martin –

August 2nd 2018.


We travelled today 313 miles and for most of it the thermometer hovered around 37 degrees, we set off at 8.15 am in an attempt to travel whilst cooler but it was already hot at that time.

Today’s intention was to blast down the auto route and get as far as we could however after doing 250 miles in Homer with no air conditioning I began to find it hard to concentrate on the monotony of travelling pretty much at a steady 70mph. We had stopped twice for short breaks but south of Tours I made the decision to come off the autoroute and travel as far as I could on A roads.

All went well at first, we stopped in a pull in for a few minutes and chose the aire for this evening which was 25 miles further on, however 15 miles from our destination a sign announced the main road ahead was inaccessible and sent us off on a long tortuous detour, was I glad when we finally arrived at 3.30pm.

The aire we are on tonight is free, it’s not a particularly attractive piece of ground but it borders a lovely river and woodland walk.

After we had set up and chilled out for a while we went for a walk into the local town with thoughts of buying some extra salad, oh dear, not quite echoes of last night, there was one shop open but it was the butchers.We espied a restaurant and I gave thought to treating us for a meal, when we went to look at the menu we found it had closed for the whole of August to enable the owner to go on holiday.Its on the left below with the blue canopy.

After a meal with a much reduced salad content we took Layla for a walk, she immediately waded into the river and took a cooling swim, just what’s necessary for a hot black dog. The river is very picturesque and is used for canoeing, fishing etc.

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