Footprints in the sand.Veulettes sur mer.

Sept 19th 2018.

Almost a year to the day we were staying next to a beautiful beach on the north Brittany coast, todays beach (50m from Homer) isn’t quite so good but very enjoyable, on both we only left footprints in the sand, but take away wonderful memories.

Over the past two evenings whilst walking Layla we have both suffered mosquito bites, I have approx 20! for some reason they go for my ankles and the itching kept me awake last night.

Our first stop this morning was Fécamp where using Google we found a vets to take Layla to, they were superb within 20 mins she had been registered , examined, a tapeworm tablet administered and her pet passport completed, all for 22.50 euros, less than half the price we normally pay.

We only drove for 32 miles today as where we are staying seemed well worth stopping at, dogs were allowed on the beach so Layla has had a good time chasing pebbles and running away from the waves. The weather is still warm and sunny so we have enjoyed the long walks we have taken today, the cliffs here remind you of Dover and you can see where they are constantly eroding leaving the harder stone behind.

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