Baltic Wharf Bristol.

December 10th 2018

After an enforced layover whilst Homer was having the 5th gear synchro sorted we decided to have a pre Christmas mini break.

So this morning we cruised down the M5 listening to a Cream CD with Michelle playing along to Eric Clapton on air guitar, I’m sure he would have been impressed!

We are staying tonight on the Caravan and Motorhome site Baltic Wharf, which is metres from the waters of Bristol wharf/ harbour and has a pub 30m away.

Our feet trod the cobbles that bordered these busy waters,

What others had done so before us?

Royalty, ship masters and their families.

Slaves in chains,

Rough and ready sailors from around the world,

Emigrants waiting to travel to new lives in new countries.

Now in a new era, tourists and trendy residents in converted apartments,

Throng those ancient cobbles with a history to tell.

We walked for about 3 miles this afternoon enthralled by the sites that are there to see including SS Great Britain the famous first passenger steamship designed by Brunel that for a while sailed between Bristol and New York and then later to Australia. It ended up in the Falklands where in 1937 it was scuppered and sank, later in 1970 Sir Jack Hayward of Wolverhampton Wanderers fame paid for it to be refloated and towed back to Bristol.

We certainly only skimmed what there is to be seen here on this swift trip and I’m certain we will be back here in the near future.

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