December 11th 2018

Thankfully we didn’t have too much trouble finding our way out of Bristol and drove to Minehead avoiding the M5.

Sadly shortly before arriving in Minehead I eased over to the left on a narrow road to avoid oncoming traffic and a protruding branch smashed the near side wing mirror, as they are rather large it’s going to be an expensive repair when I can track down a replacement, thankfully it’s not electric otherwise I would need a second mortgage.

The site is very pleasant arranged on a series of terraces unfortunately you can’t see the sea but it’s a nice open aspect. After lunch we walked down into Minehead to the beach where Layla had a mad half hour running around as we walked along towards the harbour.

A few feet from the steps leading up from the beach to the harbour wall I suddenly sank up to my knees as my feet went through a thin layer of sand into deep mud, thankfully I was able to pull my self out and crawl to firmer ground. Michelle later said “I wasn’t going to come and help I may have got stuck” what a hero she is. It was a very soggy two mile trek back to the motorhome, the showers here are good and I was able clean myself up, not sure about the trainers though.

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