Droitwich Spa

Friday 21st June 2019

We have seen a lot of the canal and it’s towpaths today, plus a few fields and country lanes having walked in total 12.5km hopefully we should sleep well tonight. This morning we walked into Droitwich and the journey took us along the canal and a footpath alongside the River Salwarpe into the centre of Droitwich Spa.

Droitwich Spa is a town in North Worcestershire on the river Salwarpe and was called Salinae in Roman Times. The town is situated on massive deposits of salt and its natural brine is 10 times stronger than sea water rivalled only by the Dead Sea. In the mid 19c Droitwich became popular as a Spa town, not for drinking the water but for muscular relief floating in the concentrated salt solution. Salt is still extracted to this day by evaporating the water to leave the salt deposits.

We walked around the town and rested our feet whilst drinking a coffee in the sunshine outside a coffee bar, I bought a book from a charity shop, a few treats for Layla from the pet shop and on the way out of town 6 eggs from the butchers who came out of the shop to pet Layla but unfortunately they had no bones to spare for her. We also found another pumping station which I’m sure I’ve seen on TV which is still being used to extract the brine.

On the outskirts of Droitwich Spa is Chateau Impney a Grade 2 listed 19c house built in the style of a French Chateau, now a popular hotel, hosting amongst other things weddings and an annual car “hill climb”. I remember it from the 60s as being famous in the area for its Cellar Bar Disco held in the basement area of the hotel.

Also in walking distance of the Marina is Hanbury Hall a NT stately home built in the 18c which makes for an interesting visit and has beautiful gardens, however as we have visited that in the past we didn’t take the opportunity to re visit on this occasion.

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