North Devon.

July 2nd 2019.

Michelle and I are participating in something very strange to us, we are having a “normal” holiday. For at least a decade our holidays have consisted mainly of visiting the French house or travelling in Homer and where circumstances dictated a few nights in a hotel. We have rented a luxurious lodge outside Wheddon Cross in North Devon and are spending 5 days away with my 96 year old mother, our youngest daughter Steph and her partner Will.The last mile of the journey here was full of incident as without any pre planning we met Steph and Will coming down a single track road heading towards us, we were both following Sat nav directions! We turned up another single track road and ended up in a farm yard that was a dead end, whilst reversing to allow Will space to get past me I ended up with my two offside wheels in a ditch hidden by overgrown nettles. This resulted in me having to be towed out by the farmer with his tractor, thankfully there was no damage.

When we eventually arrived at the lodge and were relaxing with a drink our daughter and her partner announced they had got engaged the day before, thus making the holiday even more special.

Private road to the Lodge.

The Lodge is situated 800m along a private road in beautiful gardens with a view from the lounge down to the Bristol Channel.

Today we took advantage of the gorgeous sunshine and behaved like normal tourists, we visited Dunster and walked around the pretty village and treated ourselves to a delightful ice cream each. The castle, a NT property looks very interesting but visiting it would have meant leaving Layla in the car and would have meant my mother spending a lot of time walking.

From there we visited Minehead where we had a pleasant lunch sitting in the sunshine and walked along the sea front.

Our last visit for the day was to Porlock Weir, Michelle and I were here last December in Homer, it felt very different in the sunshine today and we had a slow walk round stopping for a cold drink outside a cafe/ restaurant. On the way home we drove up the notorious Porlock Hill and across Exmoor back to Wheddon Cross.

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