Bludenz – Camping Sonnenberg

Friday 20th Sept 2019 – Day 19

Tunnel Vision.

Today I developed a severe case of tunnel vision and Michelle and I began to feel like rabbits spending their days in burrows.

We have over the past week driven through a few tunnels as we’ve moved from site to site and felt a sense of achievement after driving through one 2 km long, However today surpassed that. The lengths gradually grew longer, 2km, 3km, 5km and we drove through one 7k. long I thought that was our record, then we got to the big daddy, 15 km long and it cost 10 euros toll to drive through. The alternative was a long, steep, narrow twisty road over a pass, tunnels are useful but the scenery isn’t much to write home about.

Tonight Homer is resting his wheels at Camping Sonnenberg, also known as the Panoramic campsite because it is terraced and there’s a wonderful view of the mountains from virtually every pitch.

After a lunch we went for a walk part of the way up the mountain behind us, the trail runs through woodland and every so often there’s a clear view down into the valley, the campsite being one view.

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