Sat 5th October 2019 – Day 34

Tonight Homer is resting his wheels at Oxford on the Camping and Caravanning Club Site, we were last here for New Year 2 years ago with good friends Alison and Peter.

It was a short trip this morning to the ferry terminal at Dunkirk, security was pretty tight we had Homer searched twice with only a 50m gap between each search area, we don’t mind going along with the flow it’s better to be safe. The ferry crossing lasted two hours and the ferry was modern and pleasant to travel on as it wasn’t too busy. Layla stays in Homer on these short crossings and she is always pleased to see us upon our return.

The motorway journey from Dover was its usual nightmare with mile upon mile of 50mph restrictions and very little evidence of work going on, I hate every minute of it and derive no pleasure at all.

The site here at Oxford was chosen only because trying to get on other sites enroute from Dover became a nightmare. I spent hours on the internet on Friday trying to find something suitable and book it, several sites would only take bookings for 2 nights or more, 2 sites wouldn’t let me book by email less than three days before and others were full. It’s such a huge difference to travelling in Europe where we never book, turn up on spec and as long as it’s not too late in the day have never failed to find somewhere to stay, and when it comes to price there’s no competition. Even on this site as members it cost £15 which is reasonable but we couldn’t have electric hookup as standard unless you booked for two nights.

As you can tell I’m glad to be back in the UK!

We did walk from the site to the local pub where we had a drink each and a meal, well I had a part of a meal as Layla was starving and eat most of mine, I’m a soft touch.

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