Friday 4th October 2019- Day 33

Tonight Homer is resting his wheels at Bergue on the same site we spent the first night in France almost five weeks ago.

This morning when we left the site we drove about 2 kilometres to the Ascenseur a Bateaux des Fontinettes which is a lift system designed to connect the Canal de Neufossé and the River Aa. It was designed by Edwin Clarke who designed the Anderton boat lift in the UK and could lift boats of 300 tonnes and avoided the need to use 5 locks. It went into disuse some time ago when a huge super lock was built to replace the 5, but it is currently being restored.

From there we drove to a nearby out of town shopping centre, we espied a Decathlon and went in to see if they had a new step for Homer, sadly they didn’t but I bought a new fleece. It doesn’t help me get in and out of Homer any easier but it should keep me warm as I take much longer than normal. We also went into the Hypermarket Auchan and stocked up on a few essentials to keep us going until we can get to an English supermarket next week.

Arriving in Bergue after 5 weeks seemed sad as it marks the end of this trip and we had to have a walk around the town and sit outside the same bar for a beer and kir which has become our custom.

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