Thursday 3rd October 2019 -Day 32

Tonight Homer is resting his wheels in the small town of Arques next to St Omer after a long drive of 122 miles on A roads. We decided to spoil ourselves this evening and are staying on a 4 star camp site, we are blowing the budget at 17.5 euros for the night!

Today’s journey was quite sobering at times as we were travelling through the area where a lot of the first world war was fought and there were many military cemeteries for differing nationalities. As always these cemeteries are maintained by Commonwealth War Graves Commission and are kept immaculately.

I entertained Michelle this evening by finding on my ipad the tune and lyrics to the First World song ” Mademoiselle from Armentieres.” quite amusing.

During our afternoon walk, in keeping with our philosophy of spending a little in the local economy, Michelle called in at a boulangerie and purchased two rather nice cakes and a loaf of bread to have with our evening meal, the crust was so hard that we ended up eating the centre out of it.

As we have driven slowly north and closer to the UK it has got cooler and cooler, so yesterday and today I have had to wear jeans after spending the rest of the journey in shorts, the warm jackets have also been found from the wardrobe, as it is positively chilly on the evening walks.

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