Coucy Le Chateau.

Wednesday 2nd October 2019 – Day 31

Tonight Homer is resting his wheels below the town of Couch Le Chateau, at the last census home to 995 people.

We started the day with a visit to the vets( driving there this time) and Layla put up with the usual trials and tribulations of being prodded and poked and then force fed a large tablet, we left with my pocket being 39 euros lighter.

After lunch we went for a walk into the town, it was a long steep one mile uphill drag to get there and although we found the ruined walls and gateway entrances interesting there was very little else, no shop, one bar and two restaurants all firmly closed.

Later this evening we went for a long walk along a country lane to a pair of lakes or etangs as they are known, we saw wild deer grazing and we enjoyed the walk on the level, the air was cool and there’s definitely an autumnal feel now.

When I took Layla out for her late night walk at 10.30pm the temperature had dropped to 5 degrees, this morning the grass was covered in frost which Layla delights in rolling in.

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