Chateau Thierry

Tuesday 1st October 2019 – Day 30

Tonight Homer is resting his wheels in Chateau Thierry next to the River Marne, to the east of Paris.

We decided to come here because we needed a largish town where we could find a vets and get Layla’s Pet Passport completed. I’d looked up an address and so this afternoon we set off to find it and make an appointment, Google said it was 1.8 miles away. So off we set walking alongside the river an attractive walk and the sun came out to make it even more pleasant, however we didn’t find the vets it wasn’t where the internet said it was. Out came the phone and Google maps and eventually we found the vets in its new location and booked Layla in for tomorrow morning. We were so shattered by then we had to stop for some essential refreshments.

By the time we got back to Homer we had walked 4.5 miles and were glad to take the weight off our feet. We were having lasagne for tea and as next to our camping aire there is a 24 hour McDonalds, we bought 2 large portions of fries to go with it, they cost 3 euros a portion, I’m not sure if that s expensive but I cook most evening meals for less than 6 euros.

As we finished eating we were treated to a 30 minute thunder storm with some heavy rain thankfully it’s dried up now so we will be able to take Layla out for her evening walk, the walks obviously do her good as she sleeps solid for at least 9 hours every night.

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