Saint Amand sur Fion.

Monday 30th Sept 2019 – Day 29

Tonight Homer is resting his wheels in the grounds of the town hall in Saint Amand at no cost. We have had a varied day today, weather has been warm and sunny all day and it was a pleasure to tootle along on country roads, well until I triggered a speed camera in the middle of nowhere doing I believe about 3km an hour over the speed limit. Well as one person I read on a motorhome blog said ” I just build it into the cost of the holiday, it’s inevitable” and thankfully there are no points deducted, C’est la Vie.

We took a meandering route because I wanted to visit a large lake I’d seen on the map that had motorhome stopovers, it is Lac du Der- Chantecoq, try saying that after a glass or two of red. We stopped at one parking area and a retired English couple who were in a motorhome came up to talk to us, like us they hadn’t spoken to another English couple for a few weeks. They were there because the lake is well known for its bird life and for cranes that use it on their migration.

At two sites we have been at, the water supply points needed an attachment I didn’t have, even though I’ve 6 different ones, so we were on the look out for a B&Q style outlet as we drove along , we also needed a supermarket to buy fresh bread, milk and vegetables. I spotted a Super U supermarket and pulled into its car park, immediately we espied it’s laundry facility, common here in France and so whilst our washing was being done we shopped and had lunch, with the bonus of finding in the supermarket the adaptor I needed to fit to my hose.

From there we drove to tonight’s stopover which is in a very typical French town but where the architecture is very reminiscence of out Tudor / Elizabethan houses. The water connection here required the attachment aid bought 30 minutes before so that was a pleasing outcome. Soon after we arrived a different English couple in their 80’s pulled up for the night, they too hadn’t spoken to anyone English for a while and they were making their way home after some weeks in northern Italy.

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