European trip – Roundup.

Thursday 10th October 2019

Having been home for a few days now we are beginning to reflect on our recent trip.

We left home at the end of August and then spent 3 nights at the family gathering in Peterborough, the European trip started on the Monday 2nd September and we were travelling for 35 days, so in total we were away 38 days.

*On our trip we visited and stayed in 7 different countries, in order they were :

France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria,Liechtenstein and Switzerland, we then travelled back through France.

* We travelled out by the Euro Tunnel at a cost of £140 and returned by DFDS ferry from Dunkirk at a cost of £95.

* We stayed on 31 different sites, 10 nights were free, for the remaining nights it cost in total £395, a lot of that amount being created by staying on sites in Austria and Switzerland where nothing is cheap. There were some sites we could have stayed cheaper but elected to stay where we felt happy.

* We travelled a total distance of 2,800 miles bought 399 litres of diesel at a cost of £490, we averaged a whisper under 30mpg.

* We used gas for cooking and running the fridge when off grid and used 22 litres at a cost of £11.

* We used our Nationwide Credit Card for most purchases, supermarket food, shopping, other shop purchases, the odd meal out, cable car costs etc and this totalled £630.

It wasn’t our intention to attempt to do the trip by watching every euro we spent, I know there were times we could have saved on our costs and spending but even though we never described the trip as a holiday we did intend to enjoy ourselves.

After reflection there isn’t a country we wouldn’t revisit and see more of, we did enjoy our travels in Germany and they were very well set up for motor-homers with many stop off sites/ Stellplatz and we will certainly revisit as soon as possible.

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