Tests and Examinations.

Thursday 31st October 2019

We have been back from our long journey for just over 3 weeks now and it’s been a busy time. Both Homer and the family car have been MOTd and thankfully passed without any problems and we had the usual wait in for the engineer to service the gas central heating boiler. The Sky box has given up the ghost and with usual British levels of service it will take over 4 weeks before an engineer can come and install a new upgraded system

It hasn’t only been mechanical items being serviced, Michelle has been to been to the Nuffield hospital to see a specialist with regard to her “frozen shoulder” and now has an appointment for an operation on November 11 th. Following a visit to the opticians to obtain new glasses I was referred to the eye department of the local hospital over a problem in my left eye, which I’ve been told is nothing to be concerned about but just to make certain I have to see the senior Midlands consultant in Birmingham.

We had planned to spend most of November visiting our French house but as we now don’t have a clear spell of time we have had to postpone that and now it looks like it will be January before we get there.

Tonight Homer is resting his wheels in the garden of our youngest daughter Steph and her partner Will, we are going away for the weekend to meet up with motor home buddies Peter and Alison and took the opportunity to stop over here and catch up on news etc. We have had a very pleasant evening chatting about a great variety of matters including their forthcoming wedding in 2021, Michelle and I have happily volunteered for further duties prior to the wedding.

I have no wifi or 4g connection at the moment so this blog will be posted tomorrow.

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