Wednesday 12th August 2020

When we went inside Homer late last night we noticed the warning light for low power from the leisure battery was flashing, we turned off all non essential items using power and left on lights so that we could read.

We made the decision to risk moving on today and drove the 20 miles to Brecon where we had identified another car park on the edge of town next to the river and a large area of parkland.

It has been 30 degrees for most of the day and so we have relaxed for most of the time in the shade reading. We walked into Brecon about a 10 minute walk and wandered around town, splashing out on a couple of T shirts each. We would have had a drink but the only pub we found worked on the principle of downloading their app and ordering drinks which they brought out to you, I couldn’t be bothered with the faff so we walked back to Homer and drank our own. Layla has enjoyed a few dips in the river and as the afternoon went on there were loads of people swimming, using paddle boards, canoes and inflatables. It was a good atmosphere.

About 7 pm the thunder and lightning began and down came the rain, shame as we were enjoying a chat with the travellers in two other vans including another Hymer the same age as ours.

When we went indoors the leisure battery light was flashing again, as we are off grid with no mains electricity we can’t continue like this so we will have to cut our trip short and head home tomorrow. There is a local garage here with leisure batteries but they are far more expensive than I can get on the internet.

Tonight’s neighbours.

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