Cenarth – Carmarthenshire

Tuesday 15th September 2020.

Tonight we are staying in Cenarth after a busy and enjoyable day, there is no WiFi or telephone connection here so this post will be delayed.

Our first stop of the day was Abaraeron, a town with a long history as a fishing port, in 1805 plans were laid out to construct a harbour at the mouth of the Aeron River. This led to the town being developed and it now has the air of a charming Georgian Town, many of the houses are painted in bright colours. For a period of time it was a thriving boat building centre.

From here we drove the short distance to New Quay, a picturesque seaside town with sandy beaches and a sheltered harbour, there are various references around town to the fact that Dylan Thomas lived there during 1944/5. New Quay has a special place in my memories as a place that for many years was part of my social life even though it was 120 miles from home.

We found a large car park at the top of the town with a dedicated parking area for motorhomes, you can even stay overnight for a fee.

Our stopover for the night was at Cenarth, by the side of the River Teifi a few metres from this bridge.

Cenarth is on the border of Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion, the focus of the village is Cenarth Falls, a series of small waterfalls and pools on the River Teifi with a well known salmon leap. There are two good pubs in the village, an ancient water mill and a coracle museum. The bridge over the river was built in 1788 with a series of peculiar circular holes which were designed to reduce the weight of the span of the bridge whilst maintaining its strength.

When I took Layla for a walk around the campsite this morning I came across a tree with signs attached to it, related to floods, they show that at least half of the site would be under water when the river floods.

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