Corfe Castle – Dorset

Tuesday 13th October 2020

I’ve felt a little more with it today, yesterday’s diet of toast with a late night medicinal brandy, plus a good nights sleep appeared to have helped, I wouldn’t be surprised however if I don’t develop a cold.

Today we zig zagged south crossing the Salisbury Plain passing tank manoeuvre areas and army bases. Michelle wanted a glimpse of Stonehenge ( visits had to be prebooked) so we took a detour along a road that gives you a reasonable view of the stones, what you have to do to keep some people happy!

We are parked up for the night at Corfe Castle Camping and Caravanning site. Some of the roads we took today were not the best for Homer and again the Sat Nav / Ipad took us on some seriously strange routes including one for two miles where the hedges brushed both sides of Homer and there was no turning round. It didn’t help that we drove straight past the little lane to the site because there was no sign obvious, that was because no one in their right mind would have approached it from the direction we came.

We stopped en route at Shaftesbury where we eventually managed to find a parking spot at Tesco’s next to the charity donation bins, the long stay car park in town was useless unless you were driving a small saloon car. Having said that, Shaftesbury was a little gem and we enjoyed walking around, taking the obligatory photo of Gold Hill, famous for its use in an old Hovis bread advert. Shaftesbury is the only hill top settlement in Dorset being about 215m above sea level. It is the site of the original Shaftesbury Abbey which was founded in 885 by King Alfred.

After setting up Homer we decided to go for a walk to Corfe Castle, we had only walked a few metres when it looked like we would be invited to a Stag Party!

I have never been as close as 5 metres to a wild stag before, it was magnificent, not far from him were 3 does.

The walk into Corfe Castle was enjoyable we were last here about 10 years ago for a fleeting visit, sadly as is common everywhere at the moment there aren’t many shops open.

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