Cartgate Picnic site near Ilminster

Wednesday 14th October 2020

I seem to have had a relapse today with a gippy stomach and feeling drained of energy I even resorted to buying some Andrews Liver Salts.

We were going to visit Dorchester today but I didn’t fancy walking around a large place so we took short run from Corfe down to Swanage. It was beautifully sunny there but with a very stiff wind blowing off the sea, it certainly blew the cobwebs away.

We drove from Swanage to Yeovil, the town centre gave the impression it had seen better days, as is often the case there was a lot of development on the outskirts of the town, with new supermarkets etc. We spent an hour in town buying a little bit from M and S food hall and a book from a charity shop.

Our next stop was where we are parked up for the night, a large picnic area with a purpose built cafe and toilets. It’s a popular overnight stop for truck drivers and motorhomers, with the benefit that it’s free, if not a little noisy from the adjacent A303.

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