An old fossil at Charmouth.

Tuesday 11th May 2021

We set off in beautiful sunshine and blustery wind for our walk down into Charmouth which is a small village with a few shops/pubs etc.


A small side lane leads down to the beach, there are three car parks a large one on the beach is very suitable for motorhomes. The tide was on its way out so we headed East along the beach. Of course this is one of the beaches famous for finding fossils, Michelle claims I was the oldest fossil on the beach. The scenery and beach are fantastic, but you don’t seem to take much of it in as you walk along with eyes down searching for the possibility of finding a dinosaur fossil. You also have to have you wits about you to avoid the flying shrapnel as the serious fossil hunters split pebbles with their hammers whilst amateurs hurl their rocks at boulders with great force!

View towards Lyme Regis.

We did find a few poor examples of fossils but the best one we will be bringing home with us we bought from the fossil shop for £1.25.

On the way back to the camp site we called in at a caravan and camping shop where we bought Michelle a new folding chair.

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