Lyme Regis.

Wednesday 12th May 2021.

It was a short drive of a few miles to Lyme Regis our place to explore today. I’ve been to Lyme Regis many times before and have spent quite a bit of time here so perhaps explore is the wrong description, perhaps Michelle and I would say re-immerse ourselves in a place we both enjoy.

Lyme Regis is mentioned in the Domesday Book and later was granted the Royal Charter by King Edward 1, hence the Regis. It is the birthplace of Mary Anning a geological pioneer who found and identified dinosaur fossils in the cliffs to the East of Lyme Regis. It is now part of the Heritage Coastline, known commercially as the “Jurassic Coast.”

The above photos were taken in the maze of small streets behind the main street, some adjacent to the small river that runs down the valley and flows into the sea near the theatre.

The harbour wall is known as The Cobb and is where one of the scenes from the French Lieutenants Woman was filmed.

View from the West.
Peter on the Cobb, not cheese on the cob.

The harbour is well sheltered from storms and is again an active fishing port.

Extra protection for the harbour.

There is a very pleasant sea front bordering the beach which is good to promenade along and hosts numerous cafes etc.

We are now parked up on Manor Farm Campsite at Seaton with beautiful views across the valley and the sea. Unfortunately just after we arrived here it began to rain a complete contrast to this mornings weather.

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