Dawlish and Teignmouth.

Friday 14th May 2021.

Some days don’t start well!!

Overnight we ran out of gas so at 7.30am I was outside switching over onto our reserve tank this enabled the boiler to work again so that we could have our showers.

Before leaving the site we looked on the app http://myLPG.eu which lists places to go to refill the tank, what joy it showed that the filling station 400m away had a LPG pump.

Of course that was too easy, as I manoeuvred Homer up to the pump a small hand written note said “ out of order”, back to the app, the next convenient place was on route at Exeter motorway services adjacent to the M5. After navigating round several large islands with multi lanes we found our destination which thankfully did have LPG. We refilled the tank, 22 litres for £15, we have worked out that we have done 30 nights away since we last filled up, some without EHU so I suppose we haven’t done too bad.

We then headed for Dawlish, where after initially finding ourselves in a car park reserved for people having Covid jabs!! we managed to park correctly and go for a wander. We ended up sitting in the sunshine in a park by the river where we consumed a coffee from a shop/ cafe opposite,

Black swans with a chick.

Back in Homer we took a short trip to Teignmouth where thankfully we parked easily. Full marks and many thanks to Teignmouth Council as they welcome dogs on the beach and so Layla had a great time running around as we walked the length of the beach.

A treat for Layla.

We had an enjoyable ramble around the town and treated Layla to a new harness and a new bowl, she wasn’t impressed.

The drive to tonight’s site was tedious and the heavy traffic made it stop start, this site is the substitute site for the one in Totnes which is flooded, the approach is along a narrow lane, about 1.5 miles long, and we struggled to find a pitch that was level. To top it all there’s no wifi signal and very little phone signal. It may mean we will have to talk to each other instead of watching tv.

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