Totnes and Dartmouth.

Saturday 15th/Sunday16th May 2021.

For the past two nights we have been on a Caravan and Motorhome site south of Totnes, we were redirected here as the site we had booked in Totnes was flooded. Unfortunately the site we have been on is in a weak wifi area so we haven’t been able to add to the blog for two days, hence this one covering two days.

The weather over this time has been very mixed, we have endured some very heavy rain showers interspersed with sunshine, and overnight prolonged heavy rain, however we don’t let that stop us so yesterday we visited Totnes.

All four of us had visited Totnes before so it wasn’t going to be a new venture, however as it was Saturday we hoped it would be lively and entertaining.As we were in the middle of no where and had no desire to drive either motor home we ordered a taxi. When it arrived it was like a skip on wheels and if there had been any other alternative we would have sent the driver packing. It took him 5 minutes to uncover the front seat, he obviously wasn’t used to having four passengers.

Looking up the High Street.
Reverse view.

There was a market near the top of town that had recently started to operate again, there were, probably due to the weather, stalls missing but it added some colour to the drab wet streets.

Street food.
The town has an alternative feel to it and there shops selling goods like this.

At the bottom of the town is the river and tidal estuary where at times you can catch a ferry to Dartmouth.

Not the main river.
The tidal section.

After some time wondering around we took a taxi from the taxi rank back to the campsite. I’m pleased to say it was spotless and the driver fell into that easy chat that many can with a view and philosophy on all aspects of life.

Late afternoon Peter and I watched the FA Cup Final, Leicester playing Chelsea, I’m pleased to say the midland team won 1-0. We finished the day with fish and chips from the mobile van which is often a feature of the type of site we were staying on.

Today in torrential rain we left the site and drove to The Cider Press a craft centre on the outskirts of the Darlington Estate, sadly there weren’t many units open, a reflection of the Covid shut down. Then it was onwards to Dartmouth. Here we parked on the Park and Ride as there is very little parking in Dartmouth and certainly nothing suitable for a motorhome. We paid £5 which covered the parking and the return bus fare.

The car ferries.

Dartmouth is famous for its naval tradition and being the site of the naval trading college, it has a long seafaring history and the need to protect itself from attack.

It was only 1.75 miles from Dartmouth to tonight’s campsite, we are high up and are being buffeted by the wind but have a wonderful view out to sea. The site warden gave us a leaflet with some local walks so we decided to take advantage of a lull in the wet weather and go for a walk to the local village and then on to “Blackpool Sands” look out Lancashire.

The lane leading to the beach.
The beach in the distance.

Sadly when we arrived dogs weren’t allowed on the beach as it had blue flag status, we were quite happy to accept that but I was a little annoyed that I wasn’t even allowed to walk Layla on an adjacent grassy field whilst Michelle, Alison and Peter walked on the beach, but there you go.

The two specks in the distance are Alison and Peter

The walk back was steep and uphill, thankfully we had just got back to Homer when we had another heavy prolonged shower.

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