Conkers Camping and Caravanning Club.

Monday 7th Feb 2022.

We are spending two nights at this site near Burton on Trent.

I can’t help being transported back to my youth when I see the word “ conkers” the excitement of collecting them in the Autumn, selecting ones suitable to take to school to challenge your mates at playtime. Sometimes baking them in the oven, finding a shoe lace to thread them on, smashing the competitors conkers and adding its score to your own😊can’t wait for the grandsons to be old enough.

It was only a short 47 mile trip here and we stopped en route at Tamworth. Michelle and I visited here approx 15 years ago accompanied by 30 five year olds who were doing a school project on castles. Strangely I have very little recollection of the trip😵‍💫

Tamworth is a market town in Staffordshire and was the centre of royal power of the Anglo Saxons in the 8th and 9th century. Following the Norman conquest the Normans built a large Motte and Bailey castle which in time was replaced with a stone castle. Subsequently a large town developed around it. Today the area is well known for its Snowdome and Drayton Manor Park

The site is on the edge of a national forest and paths lead from the campsite into it, we have saved for tomorrow the walk through the forest and instead walked a trail along a reclaimed railway line which looked out across fields.

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