Cromer and Blakeney.

Saturday 1st January 2022

This morning we all piled into Homer and set off for Cromer, it is unseasonably mild, very pleasant. We parked on a huge car park on the cliff above Cromer, the only one without a height barrier.

The only way is down😊especially when Layla wants to get to the beach.
Doggy bliss.

Michelle was excited to come to Cromer as she was looking forward to having some of its famous fresh crab, unfortunately as it wasNew Years Day there wasn’t anywhere open selling crab, never mind it saved me having to “ shell out”😂The pier was only partially open as the night before it had been the centre for the New Year’s Eve celebrations . Thankfully the tide was out and we could walk along the beach, there were quite a few brave souls swimming in the sea.

New Year’s Day 2022.
The bubble man.
Winter sun over Cromer.

We all met up back at Homer for lunch eating the rest of last nights buffet and then headed north along the coast road, tight squeeze occasionally for Homer to Blakeney. Here we managed to park at the village hall, free and no height restrictions.Blakeney is an area of outstanding natural beauty ideal for walking and spotting birds and seals. It was a short walk to the harbour where there is further parking which has to be paid for. Originally a busy harbour it has long since silted up and only smaller boats can make the passage.

We started waking across the marshland towards Blakeney point which is a long spit of sand famous for its colony of seals, however it was very muddy underfoot and after walking for a while it became obvious it would take a long time to reach it, I read afterwards it was 4 miles from the car park. You can take a boat ride out along the estuary to view the seals.

The village itself is very attractive and many of its buildings are used for holiday lets. The walk around the village brought the end to our day of site seeing and as it was an hours drive back we headed home.

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