Brackley and Turweston.

Wednesday 9th Feb 2022

Today we have driven 67 miles south, much of the journey on the A5, also known as the Roman road Watling Street. It was a relatively quiet journey as most heavy traffic uses the M1. Our first port of call was Brackley.

We are fans of Bargain Hunt and Antique Road Trip and enjoy the fact we’ve often been to the centres they visit, Brackley Antiques Cellar has been on numerous times and we promised ourselves we would go one day, and here we are. The cellar is underneath Waitrose supermarket and so they have a joint free car park which was quite handy. The cellar is split up into over 160 small independent areas with a whole range of collectibles, thankfully not full of expensive antiques.

From Brackley we drove a short distance to Turweston a small picturesque village where we are staying for the night in the car park of The Stratton Arms.The pub is part of the Britstops scheme whereby you can stay free in exchange for buying a drink or meal, but many places don’t even insist on that.

After lunch we went for a walk around the village, most of the properties were old, rather large, and I assume expensive, there was however a pleasant atmosphere.

St Mary’s Church.

My sister and brother in law live not too far from Turweston and they joined us for a meal in the pub, good quality and quantity, friendly staff, a good range of beers what more could you ask.

The only small problem was that it had virtually no phone/ wifi signal outside and non inside so I have had to upload this post today. After leaving this morning we called in at Tesco in Brackley to do the weekly shop and then headed home via the M40 and M42.

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