Saturday 5th March 2022.

We are spending the weekend in Sandbach with Alison and Peter staying at Farm Fields CL site next to the farms fishing lakes.We stayed here before in March 2019 when it cost £16 a night, it is now £21, the price of inflation.

Early morning visitors.

It’s approximately a mile into Sandbach and we enjoyed the walk there in bright sunshine but there was a bit of a bite in the wind so we weren’t lulled into thinking Spring had arrived. We strolled around the town for an hour or so with Michelle and Alison going to all but one of the charity shops, believe me there were a lot😵‍💫.

We then decided to have lunch, thankfully finding a dog friendly pub which had a table free , menu was limited but we all enjoyed what we chose, and the price was good.

From there we strolled to the local park which was a hive of activity with many families enjoying the facilities.

On the way here yesterday we had a stopover at Market Drayton a town in north Shropshire, using Parkopedia we found that the car park at the Leisure Centre had four dedicated spaces for motorhomes and parking was free. When we arrived there was one motorhome parked up but the other spaces were taken by a Covid Testing Station and the cars of the testers.

As you can see from the photograph we parked Homer where there was plenty of space and didn’t inconvenience anyone, when we returned we decided to have lunch before moving on. As we sat there a woman drove in and parked so close to us we couldn’t open the side door on Homer, she went off with her swimming gear so I had a fear we would be stuck there until she got back but thankfully car opposite left so I was able to manoeuvre out and carry on with our journey to Sandbach.

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