Turnhout – Belgium

Monday 13th June 2022

We started the day with a visit to the vets in Dorsten to get Layla’s passport validated for travel back to the UK, 45 euros. Then after brunch with Wolfgang we hit the road to tonight’s stopover here in Belgium.We are staying on a small car park for four motorhomes provided by the town council and its free to stay.

The stopover is sited next to a wide canal that is used by large barges carrying goods of all types.

Mooring for pleasure craft and houseboats.
Bridge raises to let the barges through.

It was a 1.5k walk into town, there are a lot of shops, cafes and restaurants in town.

Market square.
Layla was bemused by these fountains.
Turnhout Castle has been in existence for 9 centuries, originally a hunting lodge it has a variety of uses over the years and is now a court.
Not sure what it supposed to represent.

We have re-entered an area where the cyclists appear to rule above all other. There is no regard for traffic it is expected to read the cyclists mind and give way at a moments notice, as to pedestrians you shouldn’t exist you are nuisance in their eyes. I couldn’t count the amount of times we narrowly missed being run over today when we’re on the foot path, zebra crossings and even the canal towpath. On one pavement a motorcyclist mounted the footpath and rode along the path delivering newspapers narrowly missing us and a couple with their baby in a pushchair. I get annoyed and yell at them, to no avail. Ah well that got that rant off my chest.

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