Minor repair

When we purchased the Hymer it had as we mentioned in an earlier blog a cracked rear window, this didn’t put us off and we negotiated the price down to enable us to purchase a new one and replace it.

The Hymer came with what I assume is a factory fitted bike rack.To replace the window with this rack in situ was obviously going to be difficult, so the rack needed removing. This was an easy enough job however someone in the past had overloaded the bike rack and the two bottom brackets and a small area adjacent to them had pushed into the body work making it look unsightly.

Now the Chief navigator can’t ride a bike, limiting I know, so we obviously have no need for a bike rack and a tandem would stick out too far on either side, plus I’m not sure she could reach the pedals, so I decided we would do without the rack. The two bottom brackets were removed and today I spent a little time with some body filler to cover the two blemishes and then I applied a little white paint.

I have purchased two new Hymer decals and some new silver lines which I hope to attach when the paint has hardened to match the existing ones and make the patched areas less obvious.
After waiting three days for suitable dry weather the final touches were applied.

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