Weem off tara a bit – UK 2


Hopleys Family Camping – DY12 2QL

Well here we go, trip number 2, this is another shake down trip to prepare us before our first European trip in 2 weeks time. Bewdley is only 30 minutes away and is a pretty country town on the banks of the River Severn.





As you can see we have added a new logo to the Hymer, it will either raise a wry smile to those who can interpret it, or baffle those who can’t.

The fridge is loaded with all the essentials for a weekend away, beer and cheese, and there is a 5 litre box of wine in the cupboard in case of emergencies. The sites fashion editor has packed her cocktail dress and the special shoes where I painted the soles red to make them appear the same as the famous shoe designer Louboutin! She should look a treat as we trek through the Wyre forest.

We had a swift and easy journey to the site, only 17 miles, approx 30 minutes, we’re getting the hang of setting up but need some wooden blocks etc to help in getting the Hymer as level as possible. The water supply connection at this site was different again to last time, I can see why people travel with a kit of connectors. There’s a small shop on site so we bought a few luxuries to go with the evening meal.

This evening we had

Asparagus as a starter.

Chicken and chorizo with mushrooms in a tomato sauce for the main

Raspberries, butter shortbread and Jersey single cream for dessert.

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