Bewdley- Day 2

After our meal last night we went for a walk around the camp site. It’s a quite large and sloping site, the Reception, cafe, farm shop , pizza restaurant/bar are on the upper level. Below this the ground descends in a series of terraces, the upper ones are populated with caravans and motorhomes and these plus two other areas for tents are provided with electric hook up points. There is a large area for non power pitches and a paddock  with a number of power and non power pitches. You can rent on site, 3 bell tents and 4 tipis. There are lots of areas where families or groups of people have set up in circles or blocks and you are allowed camp fires, all very social.
I was awoken in the night by being kicked numerous times on the leg, it was the senior housekeeper protesting I was taking up too much room, no worries the bruises will fade in time. There was some rain overnight which was quite relaxing but we have come to the conclusion we need to close the roof light blind as it gets light very early.

After a lazy start to the day we walked down into Bewdley and had a mooch about, we bought a few items of food for tea, plus a plug for the bathroom washbasin (amazing what you can get in little shops) I also bought two crystal wine glasses, makes the wine taste much better.

We had a snack in the Shambles Cafe to the rear of Bewdley Museum. 

At the front of which Kidderminster Male Voice Choir were entertaining passers by.
The walk back up the hill was a bit of a challenge but we made it, a round trip of about 3 miles and we were away for 3 hours.

During the evening we paid host to Caroline, Arthur, Jenny, Pete and Phil, I should have taken a photo of us all inside, talk about sardines in a tin. I did issue a warning for us all not to be at the back at once in case the front wheels lifted into the air!

Afterwards we all popped up the road to The Running Horse Pub where we enjoyed a few beverages.

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