Ellesmere Day 4 and Croft Castle

We had quite a lot of rain overnight, it was wonderful to lie there snug and warm listening to it on the roof knowing you were safe from the elements.

We packed up quickly which was quite a pleasure from the days of camping where we would have had to pack a wet tent/groundsheet etc. 

We drove down into Ellesmere and parked by the Mere, experiencing what I expect will be a common challenge, finding parking space large enough and suitable. 

We walked back into Ellesmere to the Town Hall which was hosting an Antiques/bric a brac fair, there weren’t many stalls but the eagle eye of my resident Antique Road Show expert soon espied a piece of Poole pottery that she collects and after agreeing a price purchased it.

We then drove 60 miles to Croft Castle in Herefordshire, it’s a National trust property and holds a special place in our hearts. Ten years ago to the day we visited Croft Castle on a day out that was our first official “date” it rained on and off whilst there and the same weather repeated itself today. Never mind it didn’t dampen our love then or now.It was a 90 minute drive home from there and boy do you get to realise the state of our roads when driving a motorhome, on a smooth road there is an acceptable background level of noise, but when on rough roads it gets quite irritating. Some items we need to store better with bubble wrap etc around them, but you can’t overcome road noise and crashes from pot holes.

We quickly removed the fresh food from fridge etc, clothes were next, 30 minutes and it was done, left ready to prepare for the next trip.

So there we are, a four day, three night trip, 161 miles in total, no major problems, a lot learned, all to make next time and future times go smoothly, and of course the first county (Shropshire) on the list ticked off.

And of course weem um, ( we are home) you will notice I’ve begun to include translations for our non black country brethren.

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