Hoek Van Holland to Gahlen

Had a good crossing very smooth and quiet, as we were one of the last onto the ferry  we were one of the first off! Must rememember next time to select the left hand lane when approaching the passport booth, as the two right hand lanes merge into one, that made it slow going.

We left the port at 8.40, everything  went smoothly at first until we approached the motorway network, the Sat Nav used road numbers that didn’t correspond with the road signs and due to that confusion we ended up on the longer route the A15. We stopped in the services at 10.30 am and had a quick break, brewing up a coffee and cleaning the windscreen of the insect debris. 

We followed the A15 to Arnhem and then chose to take an A road for the last 40 or so miles, travelling through Rees and Wesel until we arrived at Gahlen at 1 pm. Journey of 159 miles.

We were very warmly greeted by our good friends Arzu and Wolfgang and went up to their very nice second floor apartment, after a light lunch we spent the afternoon in their garden, the weather is superb, very warm and sunny.

The evening was spent in a local beer garten where we had a meal and a few beers.

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