Weem off tara a bit – Europe1

Thursday 25th May

The big day has arrived, if we’re not ready we will never be. 

We left home at 3pm and headed for Junction 10 of the M6, apart from the stop start of school run traffic and the slow negotiation of Spaghetti Junction we made reasonable progress. I kept the speed to around 60mph where we cruised along nicely and soon made it to the M11 which again was a problem traffic wise, we turned off onto theA106 where we found a rest area and stopped for a break, we had done 146 miles.

I’d packed a selection of Aldi’s delights purchased earlier in the day and we tucked into a very pleasant picnic with a brew of coffee, we stayed  there from 18.10 to 18.55 and then made our way on to Harwich arriving at 20.00 covering a total of 194 miles.

I re filled with fuel on arrival, very cheap £112.7 per litre, bought 28 litres to fill back up, I doubt at the moment that my figures are correct but that would mean we had averaged 32.5 mpg.

We eventually found ourselves one of the last on board, but we were on the lower deck so it was easy driving on. After a liquid supper we retired to our cabin which was very nice, a step up from the Brittany Ferry ones.

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