Our wedding anniversary day of celebration.

A lazy start to the day, after a large breakfast we travelled to Dorsten a few kilometres away. 

Dorsten is a pleasant town with a good mixture of old and new buildings, it also has a wonderful ice cream cafe which of course we have to visit.

There was a good street market selling mainly fresh vegetables and fruit, and of course because it’s in season,  Spargel – asparagus .
Early afternoon we drove to Bocholt close to the Dutch border, here the majority of buildings are very new as it was bombed heavily towards the end of the second world war, as always many street cafes and we had to sit in one and try some apple cake and have coffee.

From there we drove to a restaurant  Zumm Pitt which had a function room attached, Wolfgang had bought tickets for us to see a Status Quo tribute band so after a good meal we were entertained until 11.30 pm, an excellent day celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary.

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