Taraabit – Roundup 5

December 15th 2017

On our return today we had travelled 1,313 miles averaging 45mph and consuming 49.5mpg, I hasten to add not in Homer!

We had a pleasant 10 days away thankfully missing the snow that fell on this region, we had a few days of heavy rain but quite a few days of sunshine. We undertook a few tasks, mainly outdoors, mowing the grass, pruning bushes and the laurel hedge and as always applying copious amounts of weed killer. On the whole however we had a relaxing time, did a lot of reading and Michelle almost completed a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

This was the first time that we had visited France together in December, alaways strange to see the trees and bushes bare of leaves. We visited a few of the local towns popping in and out of shops and supermarkets, what was so pleasant was the low key approach to Christmas. There wasn’t excessive in your face decorations, mostly just fir trees or fir branches decorated with ribbons or pretend presents, there wasn’t constant Christmas music being played and Christmas goods were displayed tastefully. What a pleasure after here in the UK where everything seems to start at the beginning of November. The following are a few photos taken over that time there.

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