Oxford Camping and Caravanning Club Site

Saturday 30th December 2017

Today we drove 89 miles to Oxford where we intend to spend the weekend on this site which is approx 1 mile from Oxford city centre.

We had a reasonably trouble free journey, it was dry and sunny but there was a strong wind blowing which caught us every now and then but as I stuck to the inside lane doing a steady 60mph it didn’t cause us too much trouble.

We were greeted onto the site and shown to our parking spot, because there has been a lot of rain recently we are parked on the tarmac roads that usually are used to access the grass pitches. Five minutes after stopping we were sitting down to a picnic lunch and a welcome coffee, approx an hour later our friends Alison and Peter arrived and they are parked behind us.

After they had eaten we walked to Go Outdoors which is at the entrance to the site and had a mooch around, I bought a torch and some batteries only to find out later the torch didn’t work, so that will be a return visit tomorrow. From there we walked to a pub approx half a mile away and had a couple of drinks before returning the site and enjoying an evening meal. we spent the rest of the evening in Alison and Peter’s motorhome playing games and enjoying a drink.

Below is a photo of Homer and “Fluffles” named after a character in Wallace and Grommet.

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