Choice, choice or choice?

May 31st 2018

When we were last at our French house we had a problem with the tractor and didn’t manage to mow anywhere as much of our grounds as we needed to, we knew we would have to return before the Summer and do a proper job otherwise we would be faced with a jungle when we next arrived at the end of July.

Then we received an invitation from our good friends in Germany to visit them for a long weekend from today as they weren’t at work. Well what do you do, we needed to mow grass and we didn’t want to upset our good friends. We pored over maps, checked routes, costs of fuel etc and came up with the only satisfactory solution, we would do both!

That’s why 11pm last evening saw us leave home and head here to the eurotunnel where we arrived at 4am to board the first train at 5.45am.We are now 3mins from boarding and will soon be in France.

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